Chicago Loop Tree Walk: Bark, Buds, and Branches, Oh My!

February 3, 2016 | 12:15pm

Getting cabin fever? Celebrate the 25th anniversary of TreeKeepers with us!

Jeff Brink, Senior City Forester with the Chicago Department of Transportation will be guiding a winter tree identification walk on one of Chicago's newly reconstructed arterial gateways. Come and join the group to see and identify a variety of urban tolerant tree species representing six genera planted in 2012 on Congress Parkway. Our Regional Forester, Daniella Pereira, will be there at the beginning to kick things off!

Though a fruit and twig key and hand lenses are not necessary, both will hone your identification skills. Please dress for winter conditions.

Topics covered:

  • Past and Present
  • Quantity and Diversification
  • Identification References
  • Surroundings and context clues
  • Patterns and branching
  • Habit and Identification 

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