Field Study: Exploring City Creatures

September 26, 2015 | 3:00pm

This event is part of the programming calendar for Field Study, a juried exhibition for the Filter Photo Festival in support of non-profit organizations Openlands & Center for Humans and Nature.

We usually think of cities as the domain of humans—but we are just one of thousands of species that call the urban landscape home. Published this fall, City Creatures: Animal Encounters in the Chicago Wilderness introduces readers to an astonishing diversity of urban wildlife with a unique and accessible mix of essays, poetry, paintings, and photographs. Join Gavin Van Horn, co-editor of City Creatures, photographer Colleen Plumb and ecologist Liam Heneghan for a moderated discussion about what draws them to urban nature, what sorts of surprises they've experienced by examining human-animal relationships in the city, and how art can invite us into the lives of other creatures, from our backyards to the bio-region.

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