Lake Calumet to Open to Public

October 27, 2014

On October 25, Governor Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a agreement to open portions of Lake Calumet on Chicago's South Side to the public. As part of the agreement, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) will acquire 282 acres of land from the Illinois International Port District. The land, which will be managed by IDNR, will be developed for recreational use in order to allow the public access to a unique green space and to honor the area's industrial heritage.

Openlands demonstrated the potential of Lake Calumet most recently in April when a group of Birds in My Neighborhood students from nearby Lavizzo Elementary in Pullman visited the lake on Earth Day as part of a special, once-a-year opportunity to visit the lake and view its resident bald eagles.

"This is a major regional resource with eco-tourism benefits for the people and natural resources of the entire Chicago region, and which will immeasurably enhance the Millennium Reserve," said Openlands President and CEO Jerry Adelmann. "Openlands applauds this historic agreement 30 years in the making. It would not have happened without the efforts of dedicated individuals and organizations--particularly the Southeast Environmental Task Force--in the community working in partnership with the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois."

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