Monthly Lunchtime Tree Walk: "Hot Tea, Bamboo, or Tree"

August 3, 2016 | 12:30-2:30pm

In 2007, a seemingly difficult greening challenge was solved; how to beautify a section of parkway that would otherwise have fallen victim to vandalism and graffiti. The challenge was successfully met and yielded many benefits for the community and local zoo inhabitants.

An experienced forester will be guiding a tour of the parkway trees and tree alternatives for the urban climate.  Trees and bamboo planted in extremely difficult sites will be examined.

Topics covered:

  • Past and Present
  • Systematic Diversification
  • Identification References
  • Surroundings and context clues
  • Patterns and branching
  • Habit and Identification 

Meeting Location: 24th Place and Wentworth

Tour Location: Chinatown beginning at 24th and Wentworth and a walk along the parkways leading to Ping Tom Park.

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