New Animated Series Nature Cat Encourages Outdoor Exploration

January 19, 2016

Because Openlands believes in the importance of engaging the next generation, we partnered in the development of PBS KIDS' and WTTW's new animated series, Nature Cat. The show follows a house cat who becomes a “backyard explorer extraordinaire” and creates outdoor adventures with the help of his friends. Nature Cat’s antics are meant to inspire kids to get outside and make their own discoveries in nature.


One of the key elements of the series is that discovery can happen anywhere, from your own backyard to a far off mountain range. Because the show is produced by WTTW in Chicago, most of the live-action segments were taped in our region, including at the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve. Openlands helped connect the producers to other partners and suggested other outdoor locations for taping.

Brothers David and Adam Rudman created the series with the idea that kids can benefit from encouragement to explore nature. “Many of today’s children are growing up with less of a connection to nature, so we set out to create a very funny, action-adventure series that will inspire kids to get outside, starting in their own backyards and parks, and explore,” said David Rudman. “Our hope is that our viewers will develop an appreciation and love of nature and will reap the many benefits it has to offer,” added Adam Rudman.

Nature Cat premiered in November on PBS KIDS. In Chicago, it airs at 8am Monday through Friday on WTTW.

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