Openlands Completes Project to Protect 800 Acres Along the Kishwaukee River

January 30, 2014

On January 17, Openlands preserved the last 40 acre piece in a three-year, $5.6 million project protecting hundreds of acres of riparian corridors along the high-quality Kishwaukee River and its tributaries in Boone County, Illinois. Through this project, over 800 acres of new public lands have been secured for habitat and recreation. The Boone County Conservation District will restore the wetlands, wet forests, savannas, and upland prairies to full ecological health, and new trails and parking areas have already been developed. Openlands will monitor the properties to ensure they are forever protected.

The project was funded by two generous Vital Lands Illinois grants through the Grand Victoria Foundation. Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation also provided significant funding towards this important work.

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