Openlands Works ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ to Make Our Region a Healthier and More Livable Place

October 22, 2015

Most Openlanders are familiar with the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, our beach-front and bluff-top nature preserve at Fort Sheridan. But did you know that Openlands owns property all across the region? Since 1976, Openlands has been assisting local governments throughout northeastern Illinois when they want to acquire land for new parks and open spaces. This help includes purchasing property and holding it for a few years while the local government secures approvals and funding. This work is one of the many ways that Openlands works ‘behind-the-scenes’ to make our region a healthier and more livable place.

Through the foresight of early leadership in the organization, Openlands created an internal revolving loan fund which is used as temporary financing for these purchases. At any given time, Openlands is typically holding between five and ten different sites for future park uses. Currently, Openlands owns properties in places as diverse as Englewood and Lake Calumet in Chicago; the city of Wilmington in Will County; Yorkville in Kane County; and Garden Prairie in Boone County. Last week Openlands closed on the purchase of another future park site in the Village of Hawthorne Woods in Lake County. In the last forty years we’ve helped to create hundreds of acres of new parks, helping millions of people access nature close to their homes.

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