Peck Elementary Wins Building School Gardens' 'Harvesting Creativity' Art Contest

June 5, 2013

Openlands is excited to announce that Peck Elementary has won the Building School Gardens Harvesting Creativity art contest.

In October 2012, Openlands designed a contest that would provide an exciting cross-curricular opportunity for students to express themselves creatively while enhancing their own school gardens. The Building School Gardens (BSG) team decided to award 36” x 30” x 30” planters, generously donated by Christy Webber Landscapes, to BSG grantees.

BSG schools were asked to submit student-created artwork that could later be used to design the fiberglass planters donated to their gardens. In their two winning submissions, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from Peck Elementary employed mosaic techniques they learned from a recent session with Chicago Public Art Group artist Mirtes Zwierynski to inform the design and concept for their two planters. The students' two design themes are "Our Chicago," and "∞."

According to the students' submitted artistic statements, the "Our Chicago" theme "consists of a drawing of our Peck Panther on one side to represent our school, a painting with mosaic representing our neighborhood on a second side, and a painting with mosaic of the Chicago skyline on the third side. The title was created with mosaic on the final side."

The "∞" theme depicts the Theory of Evolution from the Big Bang to modern humanity.

Peck Elementary joined the BSG program in 2008 and has shown impressive work in the schoolyard's very limited space. In addition to the planters, Peck will also receive a $100 gift card to help buy something useful for the next growing season.

Congratulations, Peck Elementary!

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