Explore Your Lakes and Rivers: Ping Tom Park

May 8, 2016 | 1pm - 6pm

Explore the South Branch Chicago River on Mother’s Day!

Explore the South Branch Chicago River from Ping Tom Park on Mother’s Day! Experience paddling a canoe, like those used by indigenous communities for centuries. View and learn about the birds that can be seen on the water and in the park. No experience is necessary. All canoe rides are in large voyageur boats guided by Wilderness Inquiry’s expert paddlers. This is a free event open to people of all ages. Register on site. Bring your family and connect to the river and nature on Mother’s Day! 

Access the park 300 W. 19th St., less than a block west of Wentworth Avenue.  This is a walking entrance only. You will cross train tracks just before entering the park.  Once in the park, head toward Urban Kayak, a kayak rental facility north (right) of the park entrance and near the water. In Google maps, search Ping Tom Park for a map and note the location of Urban Kayaks. 


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