Meet Our Staff

Openlands’ dedicated staff possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise about conservation issues and projects in northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region.

Gerald W. Adelmann

Gerald W. Adelmann ›

President & CEO

Ders Anderson

Ders Anderson ›

Greenways Director

Laura Barghusen

Laura Barghusen ›

Associate Greenways Director

Lenore Beyer-Clow

Lenore Beyer-Clow ›

Vice President of Policy and Planning

Emy Brawley

Emy Brawley ›

Vice President of Conservation

Cristina Carrera

Cristina Carrera ›

Administrative Assistant

John Cawood

John Cawood ›

Education Program Coordinator

Aimee Collins

Aimee Collins ›

Conservation Manager

Oscar Delgado

Oscar Delgado  ›

Accounting Associate

Al De Reu

Al De Reu ›

TreeKeepers Program Manager

Janis DiGiovanna

Janis DiGiovanna ›

Manager of Human Resources and Administration

Sasha Doyle-Weiss

Sasha Doyle-Weiss ›

Director of Institutional Relations

Michael Dugan

Michael Dugan ›

Tree Planting Manager

Ted Haffner

Ted Haffner ›

Landscape Architect

Brandon Hayes

Brandon Hayes ›

Director of Communications

Julie Larsen

Julie Larsen ›

Forestry Crew Leader

Kristin LoVerde

Kristin LoVerde ›

Education Manager

Linda Masters

Linda Masters ›

Restoration Specialist

Robert Megquier

Robert Megquier ›

Chief Operating Officer

Stacy Meyers

Stacy Meyers ›

Staff Attorney

Daniella Pereira

Daniella Pereira ›

Regional Forester

Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa

Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa ›

Director of Neighborhood Programs

Joe Roth

Joe Roth ›

Director of Restoration Programs

Craig Shillinglaw

Craig Shillinglaw ›

Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator

Diane Sotiros

Diane Sotiros ›

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Andrew Szwak

Andrew Szwak ›

Planning & Policy Analyst

Jennifer Van Valkenburg

Jennifer Van Valkenburg ›

Vice President of Development