Lucia Whalen

Lucia Whalen is the Communications Coordinator at Openlands, and works with staff to create messaging strategies that get people out in nature and engaged around Openlands’ advocacy work. Lucia is passionate about using her background in multimedia journalism and environmental advocacy to increase public awareness of the climate crisis and motivate people to take action. Prior to joining the team at Openlands, Lucia worked as a freelance writer and has been published in Atlas Obscura and South Side Weekly, along with several suburban newspapers. She also helped develop Trashy Mag, a digital zero-waste digital magazine that highlights sustainability leaders in Chicago. She previously trained as a climate change educator with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and she now serves as a mentor for new trainees. Lucia received her masters from Medill School of Journalism, where she studied health, science and environmental reporting as a Comer Scholar. She is also a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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