Distance Learning Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Birds in my Neighborhood® is an environmental education program centered around birds to inspire 3rd – 5th graders to be advocates for nature. Illinois’ stay-at-home order has meant changes to classrooms, and with it an update of the Birds in my Neighborhood program. While the program is typically taught by a group of passionate volunteers, the curriculum has been revamped to be easily led by a teacher, incorporating the program into your distance learning lesson plan.

A new lesson will be provided on Fridays for the next four weeks beginning May 1st!

Each week we will explore a specific topic related to birds and our environment. After the “classroom” portion with you, the students will have the chance to apply their knowledge with a fun, hands-on activity they can do at or around their home. For educators and those who want to learn more, we will also offer resources to dig deeper into the topic with links to other lessons and activities.

Topics will include:

  • Lesson 1: Intro to Birds and Birding
  • Lesson 2: Bird Biology
  • Lesson 3: Habitat
  • Lesson 4: Predators and Prey

With the completion of this distance learning program, students will:

  1. Increase their knowledge of habitats, diets, and behaviors of birds
  2. Be more observant of the natural environment in urban settings
  3. Identify birds on their own time and report back to their teachers

All participating teachers will be satisfied with:

  1. The program’s relationship to curriculum requirements
  2. The learning experience their students are receiving

Lesson Plan 3: Habitat

In this 30-45 minute activity, students will learn what a habitat is, and how to identify a bird habitat in their neighborhood.

Lesson 4: Predators and Prey

In this 30-45 minute activity, students will learn what a bird of prey is, and create art that represents these birds.