Lesson 4: Predators and Prey


This activity will take approximately 30-45 minutes. 


You’ll need:

Ready? Head to the Classroom!

Ask your students to watch this introductory video about birds of prey. After the students watch the video, have them answer the two questions that are listed below. Students should use their BIMN Student Journal to record their answers. 

  • What is a bird of prey? Have students use page 16 of the BIMN Student Journal. Students can choose a bird of prey, write about it, then create a drawing using their own paper. 
  • How do you think birds got their names? Have students look at birds on the checklist, then use page 17 to write out their thoughts on the bird names listed.

Share the Learning

Encourage students to take pictures of their bird of prey drawing and share their thoughts on how certain birds got their names. Post images of their drawing on a space shared with your students. Ask them to explain what they learned with you, friends, and relatives. 


These Paper Airplanes Fly Like Birds is an activity created by National Audubon Society that invites students to participate in “origami” – which is the art of folding paper. We will refer to this as “Bird-a-gami” since students will be folding paper into bird-like features. By folding the paper into forms that mimic a birds’ wing shape, students will be able to discern first hand the difference in a prey’s flight compared to other birds. Birds in this activity are listed by difficulty level ranging from easy to hard. With just a piece of paper students will be able to fold species ranging from laughing gull, turkey vulture, peregrine falcon, and american crow. Have students make all four paper airplanes and then fly them one at a time. 

Here is an example of the Peregrine Falcon:

Guiding questions: 

  • How does each one fly?
  • How far does it go? 
  • How fast does it go? 
  • Does it go straight?
  • Which paper airplane flew the best? Why?

Deep Dive

Want to learn more? Watch these videos and play an interactive game. 

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