Lesson Plan 2: Bird Biology


This activity will take approximately 30-45 minutes. 


You’ll need:

Ready? Head to the Classroom!

Allow your students to think freely and practice typing/writing. Ask the students to use their BIMN Student Journal to research birds:

  1. What bird do you want to learn about?  Choose a bird species from the bird checklist on pages 9 & 10 and find out as much as you can learn about that bird. Use page 7 to write what you learned in your own words.
  2. Can you draw and color a picture of the bird? Can you identify some of their body parts (wings, beak, tail, etc)?  Use page 8 of the journal and draw your bird here. 

Share the Learning

If possible, discuss students’ answers with them or have them take a picture of their answers and send them to you. 


Have students set up a feeding station outside their homes or windows with seeds, pieces of fruit, or stale bread and see which types of birds visit the feeders and what type of beak they have. Have students birdwatch and record their findings on page 9 and 10 of the BIMN Student Journal.  Use the below questions to guide your students. Discuss observations with the class. 

Guiding questions:

  • What is today’s weather like? 
  • What birds do you see? How many?  
  • What birds do you see this week that are different from last week? Compare and contrast.
  • How are their beaks shaped? 
  • Describe how the birds move. Are they running, walking, pecking, flying? Are they interacting with other birds? If so, how?  

Deep Dive

Want to learn more? Watch these videos.

  • Illinois Birds provided by The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (11-minute video) 
  • Bird Feathers  provided by Missouri Department of Conservation (4-minute video) 
  • Whose Beak? Whose Feet? provided by The National Audubon Society/Audubon Great Lakes (5-minute interactive game ) 

See you next week!

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