Recent News

Alan Bell Appointed Chair of Conservation and Policy Council of the Cook County Forest Preserves

Openlands and the Forest Preserves of Cook County are connected by a long and deep history, spanning back to Openlands’ founding. The relationship continues today as Openlands Board Member Alan Bell becomes Chair of the Conservation and Policy Council.

The Vacant Lot Phenomenon: How Vacant Lots Affect A Community’s People, Places, and Ecosystems

Vacant lots in Chicago tend to have a negative association with neighborhood blight and devaluation. However, as a child, Openlands’ Education and Community Outreach Coordinator Lillian Holden experienced a nearby lot as her gateway to imagination and the outdoors. Lillian explains the racist history that led to the overabundance of lots in Chicago and how discriminatory practices affect youths’ relationship to nature.

Why Openlands Has Joined A Lawsuit Against The City of Joliet

Openlands has joined a legal fight, alongside people who live and farm in this special place, because as an organization, we believe that, to be competitive on a global scale, the protection of nature and jobs creation can and must coexist, and that it is imperative that we work together with all the partners for a more equitable, resilient, healthy land-use solution.