The Chicago region, our home, stretches over three states with one of the most complicated geopolitical landscapes in the nation. By contrast, plants and animals—and the ecosystems they rely on—do not follow these political boundaries and need a champion with a region-wide vision. To that end, our work strikes a balance between the needs of a growing region and the needs of the natural world around us.

Photo: DJ Glisson

ComEd Green Region

The ComEd Green Region Program awards grants to public agencies supporting their efforts to plan for, protect, and improve open space in ComEd’s service area of northern Illinois.

Food and Farmland

Openlands works with landowners to implement conservation-friendly practices on working lands and ensure that the farmland in our region stays as healthy.

Transportation Solutions

Openlands believes that it is vital to design transportation solutions with nature. Our roads, rail, transit and trails should support livable, walkable vibrant communities that preserve and enhance open space.


Openlands provides the region’s popular Conservation@Home service to Lake County property owners.

Lake County, Illinois

As Illinois’ most biologically diverse county, Lake County is a priority for Openlands. In January 2018, Conserve Lake County merged into Openlands.