Lake County, Illinois

Lake County supports Illinois’ richest assortment of plants and wildlife, and greatest number of rare species. Offering a coastline on one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes, it also features an uncommon number of oak groves, glacial lakes, streams, prairies, wetlands and rare kinds of natural areas.

Thus, Lake County is one of Openlands’ four priority landscapes. We have a long history of working here to protect the land and engage people in conservation. Partnerships are a hallmark of our work. For instance, following years of successful collaboration, Conserve Lake County merged into Openlands in 2018. We regularly work with others at the local, regional, state and national levels.

By 2023, Openlands will inspire many residents across Lake County to manage their properties as healthy habitats for plants, birds, butterflies, and other native species. We will showcase models of healthy and gorgeous landscapes and invite visitors from across the region to experience the ravines and bluffs of the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve. We will engage thousands of people in caring for and protecting the lands they love in ways that protect their investment in this rich tapestry of blue and green.

See below for more information on our Lake County Programs.

Lands in Harmony

Looking for information or advice as you incorporate conservation-friendly practices into your landscape? We can help.

Land Preservation

We’re working with landowners, the Forest Preserve District and others toward the goal of preserving at least 60,000 acres by 2030. Openlands holds conservation easements on 24 properties and owns several parcels. Nationally accredited, we steward each of these under the rigorous standards of the Land Trust Alliance.

Openlands Lakeshore Preserve

Visit the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve about 25 miles north of Chicago in Lake County, free to the public and open every day.

Liberty Prairie Reserve

In the heart of Lake County is a 6,000-acre area where more than half the land is permanently protected as open space. Trails wind through nature preserves and farmland and connect schools, train stations, and local businesses. Openlands has worked on this for over 30 years. We own land and hold conservation easements on many acres here.


Openlands brings its strength against efforts that threaten open space and quality of life in the region. Transportation is a pressing issue, and we remain engaged in developing beneficial solutions to the Route 53/Tri-County Access Project.

Lake Michigan and Clean Water

To protect Lake Michigan for all who depend on it, Openlands works with many communities and agencies on stewardship and planning. Also, our paddling program in Zion, Waukegan and North Chicago, and our Lakeshore Preserve in Highland Park are increasing the number of people who can enjoy and advocate for the lake.