Conservation@Home: Beautiful Landscapes

Do you value a planet that’s beautiful, resilient, and full of small surprises? Nestled within Lake County’s celebrated natural heritage, your landscape can help.

Now it’s easier than ever for your property to look great while protecting both nature and your buildings.

Add beauty, value, and privacy in a way that fits your budget, reduces flooding, and supports the rich profusion of indigenous species living here. Openlands can help. We provide these services in Lake County through the region’s award-winning Conservation@Home program.

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Please note: Openlands currently offers the Conservation@Home service to Lake County residents only. You can find the organization responsible for your county here.

Conservation@Home is a program of The Conservation Foundation and is offered in Lake County by Openlands. For more information, please contact

Plant an Oak

Hands down, our nine types of native oaks support much of Lake County’s renowned variety of wildlife and native plants. But most are old or gone – and young ones are hard to find. Learn how to select, plant or transplant an oak.

Add Attractive Natives

Trees and gardens bring beauty and privacy to your landscape, buffer you from noise and harsh weather, and cool buildings in summer. As you add new plantings, save money, reduce flooding, and help nature by including plants native to Illinois. Learn how to find gorgeous natives perfect for your landscape.

Remove the Buckthorn

These shrubby trees invade hedges, borders, woodlands and wetlands. As they do, they create a landscape toxic to frogs, salamanders, toads and other wildlife that eat mosquitoes, pollinate flowers and perform other services. Learn how to identify and remove buckthorn.

Update Your Lawn Care

Many common lawn care products are linked to cancer and birth defects. Children and dogs are especially vulnerable because of the amount of time they spend on grass. Also, fertilizer pollutes lakes and ponds. Learn how to grow a great lawn without harmful chemicals.

Schedule an Appointment

Do you care for a home, business or other property in Lake County? Walk your land with one of our specialists. We’ll listen to your needs, assess the site, and provide practical project suggestions. This award-winning service has helped thousands.

Certify Your Property

A growing number of people manage their landscapes in ways that help keep the planet healthy. If you’re among them, we’d like to honor you with certification and a handsome garden sign. If your property meets our criteria, schedule an appointment so we can verify this and provide you with your sign. Others will notice and appreciate your actions and leadership. We sure do!