Tree Plantings

Beyond providing shade and beauty, the urban forest cleans air, captures and cleans water, supports biodiversity, and conserves energy. Volunteers will plant, mulch and water trees in groups of four while learning the importance of trees to our overall health. Openlands cares for all trees planted for the next three years to ensure the trees become established and thrive.

Cost: $10,000 minimum, based on number of trees and volunteers. Cost includes trees and labor for three years of maintenance and care to ensure survivability and establishment. All public trees will be mapped onto our online map and will show your group as the funder.

Following the event, Openlands will create post-event blog or video blog ready to use and share with your customers and friends. GATX Employees Give Back to the Community During a Tree Planting and Volunteer Workday.

For more information on tree planting workdays or to register your organization for a workday, please contact development@openlands.org or call 312.863.6261.